Sunday, 17 June 2018

Matariki - Te Whai

We have been learning about Matariki. 
One way to celebrate Matariki is to spend time having fun with your friends playing te Whai (String games).

Rawden showed persistence and gave it a good go!

Gene tried it and got it quite quick. Awesome work.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Pukeko School Camp Fun

We had lots of fun on our School Camp. 
We looked at these photos and told Mrs Yuretich what was happening and she typed this for us. 

I am fishing for a fish. I found heaps of little fishies. 
They ate my bait.
By Oasis

I am fishing with my Mum. I am at Mangonui Wharf. 
By Kingston.

I caught a little baby fish and I threw it back in the water so it could grow and we could catch it next time and eat it for dinner.
By Heath.

I paddled on the paddle board in the pool. 
I jumped off and made a big splash.
By Heath

I am on the paddle board. 
By Oasis

I am climbing on the rocks with my mum and me. I am wearing my shoes in the water too. 
By Kingston.

I am having fun listening to the story in the library at my camp.
By Kingston.

I caught this fish.
By Kyle

I like fishing with turtle and Ilisa. 
By Kyle

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Phonics time

At Phonics time we learn to hear the first sound of words and match that sound to a letter. Then we learn how to write the letter.
We use 
to help us learn and remember the sounds of the letters.

We practise writing the new letter of the day and then practise writing the letters we already know.

We also use this time to practise spelling some words too. It is fun!
It is not always easy but we try and try and we are getting better!

Making Playdough

We noticed we had no play dough. We got the class recipie. Read it together. Gathered up the ingredients. Followed the recipie. Waited patiently for our turns.
As a group we came to a decision about what colour to make it.
Had lots of fun measuring, mixing and making.

Then we shared it evenly between us and had lots of fun playing with it!!

Exploring Pukeko Class

For the first few days we did lots of playing and exploring in Pukeko Class . We wanted to find out what we had to play with in our class, where to find things, how to play nicely with each other and how to put it away.

Rekohu checking our the wood work area.

Kyle painting.

Kongston making some burgers for Rawden.

Heath playing with the duplo.

All of us making a tall tower!!

We had lots of fun!!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Taipa Sand Dune trip

We have been learning about the importance of protecting the sand dunes. Annabelle Giorgetti helped us to organise a trip to the sand dunes. We went to Taipa beach where we met up with Laura and Rachael from the Northland Regional Council. We learnt how to identify the native plants that we need in the sand dunes and how to identify and pull out the weeds.

We learnt about the bird and animal life that depend on the sand dunes. 

Jo Shanks from CBEC was there too. We learnt about how important it is to not litter and to pick up all pieces of rubbish that we find at the beach as the tiny bits can be just as dangerous to sea animals as the bigger pieces. 


We are learning about shapes.

We are learning to say what shape they are, how many sides they have, how many corners they have, are they thick or thin, what colour they are and do they have straight sides or curvy. 

Heidi and Soul-Jah put their shapes together to make different patterns.

Then we practised what we had learnt with our shape patterns and paint stamps. Fun!