Sunday, 21 May 2017

Taipa Sand Dune trip

We have been learning about the importance of protecting the sand dunes. Annabelle Giorgetti helped us to organise a trip to the sand dunes. We went to Taipa beach where we met up with Laura and Rachael from the Northland Regional Council. We learnt how to identify the native plants that we need in the sand dunes and how to identify and pull out the weeds.

We learnt about the bird and animal life that depend on the sand dunes. 

Jo Shanks from CBEC was there too. We learnt about how important it is to not litter and to pick up all pieces of rubbish that we find at the beach as the tiny bits can be just as dangerous to sea animals as the bigger pieces. 


We are learning about shapes.

We are learning to say what shape they are, how many sides they have, how many corners they have, are they thick or thin, what colour they are and do they have straight sides or curvy. 

Heidi and Soul-Jah put their shapes together to make different patterns.

Then we practised what we had learnt with our shape patterns and paint stamps. Fun!

'Wish I was' dress up day.

We dressed up and gave a gold coin donation to raise money for the "Make a wish" foundation.