Sunday, 21 August 2016


We have been learning to play percussion instruments and play the ukulele.
We are practising for our school production.

The egg experiment

This was our experiment

Predict what you think will happen if we put an egg in a glass of water.
Put the egg in a glass of water.
Observe what happens.

Stir lots of salt into another glass of water.
Predict what will happen when you put an egg in this glass.
Observe what happens.
Why do you think this happened.

We used the Mangonui Learning Process for this learning.

  • Being curious
  • Collecting information
  • Connecting information
  • Creating  
  • Communicating ideas.

We wondered what would happen when we put an egg in the water.
some ideas were:

  • it would explode.
  • it would crack
  • a chicken would come out.
We collected information by observing what happened.
  • The egg sank to the bottom
  • We stirred in lots of salt.
  • The salt disappeared. It dissolved into the water.
We connected information.
  • We realise that even though we cant see the salt it is still in the water.
  • We think that it is the salt that is holding the egg up.
  • The egg is floating.
We created and communicated out learning by writing, drawing and talking about what we observed and why we think it happened. 

We love science!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Trip to the star dome and the gym

Pukeko and Nga Ringa Awhina went for a trip into town. To extend our learning about Matariki we visited the star dome at the Te Ahu centre. We got to see images of stars and constellations on the roof of the dome. 

We even got to hold a meteorite. This one has come from millions of miles away from outside our solar system.
 While we were at Te Ahu centre we visited the library and had a quick look at the museum.

Next we visited the gymnasium in Kaitaia. What a fun place to exercise, play and explore!!

Then we enjoyed out lunch at the park. What an education, adventurous and funfilled day we all had!

Shadow Investigation

We have been learning about the earth, the sun and the moon. We talked about and watched a demonstration about how we get day and night on earth. We went outside, found our shadows on the ground and drew chalk around our shadows. We went back outside later in the day to see what had happened. This is what we found...

 Our shadow was gone from the chalk. It went to the other side. The sun moved in the sky.
By Te Ahere

The earth was moving around.  It moved our shadow.
By Cody

The shadow moved.
By Mikayla

The shadows moved because the earth moved.
By Josie

 The shadows were moving. They got big. The earth was spinning around.
By Tohe

It was funny how the shadows moved. They went from side to side.  The planet earth was moving.
By Cooper

The sun moved, my shadow moved too,
By Shiloh

The earth pushed the sun away. The shadows went on somebody else’s chalk because the sun moved.
By Joevarn

The earth moved on its own axis so the shadows moved.
By Samuel

The earth moved so the sun moved in the sky.
By Jordan

When I came back I saw the shadow had moved somewhere else. Because we are moving around the sun – the earth.
By Thomas

The shadows turned the other way because the world turned.  Our shadows were where we were standing.
By Leah

The shadows moved.
By Whetu

The shadows moved when the earth moved.
By Mackenzie

The sun turned.
By Bentlee

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Play dough Making

We made play dough last week. We read the recipe. We had to work out one cup, half a cup, two tablespoons etc. We worked together to make the play dough. Then we shared it evenly between 4 students so we got a quarter each. We played with it in class. Then we got to take it home to practise spelling our words with. We love play dough!

Buddy Reading

Children from Taniwha class have been coming to visit the Pukeko class three days a week. We do buddy reading for 10 minutes. The older students help the Pukeko students to learn their letters, blends and words. They listen to the children read their books out of their book boxes. We love it when the big kids are our teachers.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Worm farm

We learnt all about how to make a worm farm. Jo Shanks came to school and talked to us about what type of worms we need. We learnt about what they like to eat and how they like to live. We put stones, dirt, paper and food in the bath tub for the worms. Then we covered them up. We will go back and check to see if they are making any worm juice for our gardens.

Kia Ora

This is our class blog. Look here to find out what fun activities we have been doing in our class. We will try to add to it each week to keep you informed of our learning. We look forward to reading your posts too.