Sunday, 21 August 2016

The egg experiment

This was our experiment

Predict what you think will happen if we put an egg in a glass of water.
Put the egg in a glass of water.
Observe what happens.

Stir lots of salt into another glass of water.
Predict what will happen when you put an egg in this glass.
Observe what happens.
Why do you think this happened.

We used the Mangonui Learning Process for this learning.

  • Being curious
  • Collecting information
  • Connecting information
  • Creating  
  • Communicating ideas.

We wondered what would happen when we put an egg in the water.
some ideas were:

  • it would explode.
  • it would crack
  • a chicken would come out.
We collected information by observing what happened.
  • The egg sank to the bottom
  • We stirred in lots of salt.
  • The salt disappeared. It dissolved into the water.
We connected information.
  • We realise that even though we cant see the salt it is still in the water.
  • We think that it is the salt that is holding the egg up.
  • The egg is floating.
We created and communicated out learning by writing, drawing and talking about what we observed and why we think it happened. 

We love science!

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