Sunday, 3 July 2016

Shadow Investigation

We have been learning about the earth, the sun and the moon. We talked about and watched a demonstration about how we get day and night on earth. We went outside, found our shadows on the ground and drew chalk around our shadows. We went back outside later in the day to see what had happened. This is what we found...

 Our shadow was gone from the chalk. It went to the other side. The sun moved in the sky.
By Te Ahere

The earth was moving around.  It moved our shadow.
By Cody

The shadow moved.
By Mikayla

The shadows moved because the earth moved.
By Josie

 The shadows were moving. They got big. The earth was spinning around.
By Tohe

It was funny how the shadows moved. They went from side to side.  The planet earth was moving.
By Cooper

The sun moved, my shadow moved too,
By Shiloh

The earth pushed the sun away. The shadows went on somebody else’s chalk because the sun moved.
By Joevarn

The earth moved on its own axis so the shadows moved.
By Samuel

The earth moved so the sun moved in the sky.
By Jordan

When I came back I saw the shadow had moved somewhere else. Because we are moving around the sun – the earth.
By Thomas

The shadows turned the other way because the world turned.  Our shadows were where we were standing.
By Leah

The shadows moved.
By Whetu

The shadows moved when the earth moved.
By Mackenzie

The sun turned.
By Bentlee

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