Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Pukeko School Camp Fun

We had lots of fun on our School Camp. 
We looked at these photos and told Mrs Yuretich what was happening and she typed this for us. 

I am fishing for a fish. I found heaps of little fishies. 
They ate my bait.
By Oasis

I am fishing with my Mum. I am at Mangonui Wharf. 
By Kingston.

I caught a little baby fish and I threw it back in the water so it could grow and we could catch it next time and eat it for dinner.
By Heath.

I paddled on the paddle board in the pool. 
I jumped off and made a big splash.
By Heath

I am on the paddle board. 
By Oasis

I am climbing on the rocks with my mum and me. I am wearing my shoes in the water too. 
By Kingston.

I am having fun listening to the story in the library at my camp.
By Kingston.

I caught this fish.
By Kyle

I like fishing with turtle and Ilisa. 
By Kyle

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