Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Te reo Maori o te wiki

For Maori Language week we learnt a waiata called
"Tena koe - Hello to one."
We learnt the words and then made a video.
Check it out!!

Friday, 11 October 2019

Rangikapiti Pa Tree planting

Rangikapiti Pa Tree planting

Our school is involved with looking after the Rangikapiti reserve. 
Some students help with the trapping of pests and planting trees.
Some senior students - Tyrell, Nico and Nikki-Boy learnt how to plant a tree properly then they made a video for us to watch so we could know too. 
We went to Rangikapiti and learnt about the importance of looking after our native bush and how we can help by planting trees.
The senior boys helped us with the planting.
It was really good to feel like we are helping!
When were finished we walked up to the top of Rangikapiti Pa and looked at our Moana ataahua (beautiful Moana).

Cross Country in a Storm!

Cross Country in the Rain!

We went to Peria school to compete in the cross country.
When we got there it poured with rain and started to hail.
Then there was thunder and lightening! We had to shelter under a tarpaulin.
We loved running in the mud!!

Maths Eyes - Shapes around our school!

Maths Eyes - Shapes around our school!

We were learning about shapes. We know about squares, circles, triangles, ovals, hexagons and even more.
Here are some shapes we found around our school. 
We even took these photos ourselves!!